Five Star Blog Roundup 422: Two Great Posts and an Imbolo Mbue Quote

This week's Five Star Blog Roundup is brought to you by advice for dealing with the holidays, adjusting one's identity to modern times, and a quote by Imbolo Mbue:

But the Universe gives us different sources of Love to unite us all as One. Who are we to decide what the source of our Love should be at any given time? Love is Love, and at any given point we have everything we need.
— Imbolo Mbue, Behold the Dreamers

Happy reading!

''How to Get From Thanksgiving to New Years When You’re Not in the Mood" by Melissa Ford at Stirrup Queens:

Holidays are a lot of pressure — to get them right, to coordinate schedules/needs/wants, to navigate relationships, to travel. For some people those pressures are additionally pressed down by the knowledge of people missing from the table — either those who were once here or those who haven’t been brought into your family yet. And compounding it all is this ongoing message that holidays must be fun! They must be a happy time! Families must draw together and eat a spiral ham in front of a roaring fire with a sparkling tree in the background!

Even if they’re out of work. Even if they don’t have the family they want. Even if they’re in mourning.

"Eulogy for an Aging Book Guy" by Timothy Eberle at The Manifest-Station:

…I grew out my hair and I bought a tweed jacket. I argued with strangers about the importance of “assonance.” (I revised those arguments when enough strangers pointed out that I actually didn’t know what the word “assonance” meant.) I started drinking black coffee and carrying around a worn copy of “Ulysses” — a book that I found to be utterly incomprehensible and therefore, for some reason, life-changing. (“Sure — it may not be readable in the traditional sense, but wouldn’t you say that therein lies its true genius…?”) In my mind, I was a mere hop, skip, and one published essay away from a tenure-track professorship at some small-but-renowned New England University — an Amherst, a Williams… hell, even a Bennington if I felt like slumming it for a few years.
And then “Friday Night Lights” came along and fucked everything up.

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