Five Star Blog Roundup 414: Two Great Posts and a William Golding Quote

This week's Five Star Blog Roundup is brought to you by a Russian play, a path to sobriety, and a quote from William Golding:

The writer probably knows what he meant when he wrote a book, but he should immediately forget what he meant when he's written it.
— William Golding —

Happy reading!

"Maksym Kurochkin Cooks Up Great Drama" by John Freedman at Blogs and Stray Articles:

I have long maintained publicly that “Kitchen” is untranslatable, while privately I have never ceased priming myself for the day when I would discover the courage to take on the task. That day came abruptly last week, and once I started I could not stop. I have been at work on the translation feverishly for six days, setting it aside — quite solemnly, I might add — only in those moments when my Moscow Times duties have called.

"Laurie" by Laurie White at I Am Not Anonymous:

I got sober in Black-Eyed Susan season. Those flowers were everywhere that summer.

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