Five Star Blog Roundup 409: Five Great Posts and a Michael Bond Quote

This week's Five Star Blog Roundup great posts are brought to you by great writing advice, the nostalgia of everyday things, a medical emergency, justice and despair, a not-so-new but surprising neighbour, and a Michael Bond quote:

by duncan c [ CC BY-NC 2.0 ],  via Flickr

by duncan c [CC BY-NC 2.0], via Flickr

“If you really want something in this world,' said Olga simply, 'you'll never get it by sitting down and waiting. But if you go out and do things there's no knowing where you'll end up.”
— Michael Bond, The Tales of Olga Da Polga

Happy reading!

"Cleaning the House, Tending the Weeds" by Elissa Altman at Poor Man's Feast:

As long as we have the stuff — the photographs, the tapes, the bits of ancient pottery, the corks — time is anchored in place. Or so it seems.

"How to Be a Contemporary Writer" by Roxane Gay at Roxane Gay:

1. Read diversely.

2. Write.

3. See items 1 and 2.

"Eighteen Hours" by Wil Wheaton at WIL WHEATON dot NET:

There are hundreds of comments on my blog that I haven’t had time to read. There are thousands more on social media that I will never be able to reply to. People who don’t know Anne love her, and I know how lucky I am to have her in my life. I’m too tired to go anywhere or do anything, but I have too much boiling around inside of me to do nothing, so I sit down to type it all out, because that’s how I process things.

"Drowning In Academic Hopelessness" by Bronwyn at I, MayB:

Now I am in a quagmire of despair and pain and confusion. Not only has the Canadian government been horrible, but the profession that I love has been an instrument of further oppression and pain and condescension. How can I, with my trusty Human Justice and Social Work degrees and great plans to "help people", continue on?

"Street Talk: Thelma, The Best Neighbour I Never Had." by Eden Riley at Edenland:

So I'm walking outside to put my rubbish in the bins and there's this lady standing at the bins and I was all "Ugh I'm going to have to acknowledge her" and I did, I acknowledged her and said hello. And she said hello.

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