Five Star Blog Roundup 406: Five Great Posts and a Lee Maracle Quote

This week's Five Star Blog Roundup great posts are brought to you by bad news for black voices in Canada, what's important when it's all said and done, dumping the albatrosses, depression's pull, CanLit's burning, and a Lee Maracle quote:

Lee Maracle
On the one hand, the reality is dire, on the other, reality is always false, it is a mask covering what is coming up underneath.
— Lee Maracle —

Happy reading!

"I Choose Activism for Black Liberation" by Desmond Cole at Cole's Notes:

I have no formal employment with the Star. I’ve never signed any contract or agreement, and no one ever directed me to any of the policies Phillips cited. However, I knew my police protest was activism, and I could have guessed the Star wouldn’t appreciate it.

"Do You Get It Now" by Kathleen at Death and Dying Chronicles:

Many years ago as I sat through my first hospice orientation, I participated in an activity that was aimed at enlightening us to the fact that we were all entering our hospice patient’s lives at a time when the world as they knew it was becoming smaller and smaller.

"Block People and Pretend They Died" by Samantha Irby at Bitches Gotta Eat:

dearly beloved: we are gathered here today to mourn the loss of that irritating girl you vaguely remember from the art class your mom made you take junior year of high school so your course list would look good to potential colleges. she earnestly shared a lot of FAKE NEWS and poorly designed inspirational infographics, and every time you posted about a tv show you liked she hastily chimed in with "i don't watch that show, but i heard--" oh yeah? you have a casual opinion on a television program i faithfully invested seven actual years of my life into? just shut the fuck up and scroll past.

"Monsters" by Lisa Mecham at True:

Fear and anguish. They are always here. They are monsters. They are unfinished books. They are black slicks in the sand. We can’t control them or un-elect them. But once we see them for what they are, we can manage them.

"Notes on Indiginegativity: An Addendum by Joshua Whitehead" by Joshua Whitehead at The Insurgent Architects' House for Creative Writing:

I ask myself what are the politics of reading and writing? You may want to tell me that good literature is apolitical, that theory and identity impede and intercept a good story. I want to tell you that all literature is political, that being apolitical is a type of politic, that any lack of the political is a politics of comfort. You are comfortable because you are blanketed by your ideologies and that literature on your bookshelf is your guarantor. I am here to unsettle you, a good story is a wave that ripples, unshackles earth from cement foundations, cracks open rocks, splits the ego.

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