Five Star Blog Roundup 412: Three Great Posts and a Louise Penny Quote

This week's Five Star Blog Roundup is brought to you by the power in self-possession, a deeper and truer understanding of poverty, taking ownership of the conversation, and a quote from Louise Penny:

I had to learn compassion. Had to learn what it felt like to hate, and to forgive and to love and be loved. And to lose people close to me. Had to feel deep loneliness and sorrow. And then I could write.
— Louise Penny —

Happy reading!


"Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer | Guest Blogger: Dana Falsetti" by Dana Falsetti at Cheyenne Gil:

I reject the notion that women can’t revel in their sensual power whenever they want. I reject the notion that fat bodies, not to mention any bodies, ever deserve to be sexualized by others. I reject the notion that it is at all taboo for women, especially fat women, to embody “sexy” or display the beauty of an intimate connection with themselves. I reject the notion that women aren’t allowed to feel sexy, beautiful, confident, powerful, whatever we damn well please. 

"My Mother Wasn't Trash" by Joshua Wilkey at This Appalachia Life:

When my mother died, she had fifty-six cents in her bank account. Had someone told her they really needed that fifty-six cents, she would have given it to them without a second thought. She lived in a world that led her to understand the importance — no, the necessity — of helping others. If there's any hope at all for fixing the brokenness in Appalachia, it lies with those who have a servant's heart.

"Debates About My Gender Have Convinced Me Of One Thing: It’s Time To Get Louder" by Sam Dylan Finch at Let's Queer Things Up!:

However sympathetic Laci [Green] claims to be, her insistence on positioning herself at the center of this conversation — the “rational,” moderate authority — legitimizes a ciswashed account of gender, sex, and identity.

She encourages a kind of cultural voyeurism in which transgender and non-binary people must repeatedly defend themselves for sport, while a white cis woman plays referee.

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