Five Star's 275th Edition Is Brought to You By Amity Gaige

This week's Five Star is brought you by fake reviews, projecting ourselves into other people's stories, commonalities among mothers, how to approach discussions about race, and Amity Gaige:

photo credit: Twelvebooks

photo credit: Twelvebooks

I was just debating with some students about whether the use of a "fancy prose style" makes a narrator seem more or less reliable. I think probably less. 

— Amity Gaige —

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"That Time Tonya Harding Blamed My Blog & Other Questionable Quotes" by Erin at Oh Honestly Erin:

"Yeah, this blog is great. IF YOU'RE AN APPLE." - bruised bananas.

"Projecting All Over Woody Allen, Philip Seymour Hoffman And Everybody Else" by Deb Rox at Deb On the Rocks:

We project ourselves all over these stories. Philip Seymour Hoffman, dead. Blog post after status update about addiction, a little about his, a lot about ours. About our state of affairs. About our way of seeing the whole thing. There I go but for the grace, or damned selfish like my ex, or I would never, or his poor children, or something in between. We project ourselves all over these stories like flickering film signalling the end of one reel, like the superimposed photos we used to get back from the Fotomat when the tiny sprockets didn't advance our film all the way to the next spot before we framed a second shot and hit the trigger again.

This is not a critique. This is a hallelujah. There is no other way we could talk like this all week about addiction, abuse, the long dovetailing stories of pain and escape, escape and pain.

"The Mom Wars: What Type Of Mom Are You?" by Gurpreet Randev at

I’m the type of mom who breast-fed my baby.

You’re the type of mom who gave him a bottle.

We’re both doing the best we can.

"4.5 Tips to Help White People Talk About Race" by Jody Louise at Between Worlds:

When you love someone, you should naturally do all of the above – listen, learn, accept, affirm.  And when you love someone of a different race, part of the process is listening, learning, accepting, and affirming this part of their experience as well.

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