Fridays are great because:

1. This Friday is particularly great, because the weather forecast for the weekend calls for sun and temperatures hovering between 0°C and 7°C (32°F to 44.6°F). This means that I will not feel caged in the apartment for the first time in months and that my ventures into the outside world will not be bitter, hurried experiences resulting in varying levels of pain. The Fiery One and I will be able to go for walks that include hand-holding and decent spans of time and sunshine and slushy puddles. I can just about feel my joy at the prospect breaking through my chest wall like a movie alien.

2. There will probably be beer after work or sometime later this evening with the Fiery One and various others at a local pub. This vignette will be called "My Life as a Beer Commercial", except that I won't get paid and my breasts won't be quite as grapefruit-round and barely covered in two small triangles of fabric masquerading as a top. I will, however, be grinning and laughing and someone will very likely mention hockey and maybe even the sunlight from the setting sun will conspire with us and shine through a pint glass to cast that lovely amber glow.

3. It being Friday just reminded me of Friday. Hello, Friday!

4. I use Fridays as a day to pull out all my excuses and give in to excess. For instance, I want a piece of the huge and overly greasy pizza that they sell downstairs, and I'm going to have it, because it's Friday! In my brain, Friday is the day during which I deserve every little thing I want that I can afford, because I have made it through a whole work week and should be patted on the back for being a good little girl. (In order for me to continue believing in this deserving-everything-on-Friday thing, I have to ignore the fact that when the Fiery One asked me what I wanted for supper last night, I said popcorn! and we ate of the buttery goodness while watching two episodes of "Lost" back to back. The Friday thing can only really hold up if I don't abuse myself during the week, but I am only human, right?)

5. If you love Friday as you love yourself (now that I've typed that, I wonder if that's even natural), you can become an official fan.

6. This Friday in particular has been putting on the charm for me already. If you've been around to read my last few entries, you will know that I've had a difficult wedge of general yuckiness iced with sprinkles issued from my crushed soul. I really am doing much better today, though. I'm taking St. John's Wort again, my hormonal freak-out is over, the acne's clearing up, and my disposition is readjusting according to the sunny weather.

7. But what really makes this Friday rawk thus far is number 6 on this list plus Tahini Monkey's fabulous hug, which she offered me in the hallway when I was on my way to get that slice of greasy pizza. She had read my entries filled with woe and squeezed me well and long to show her support. Good, no?

8. Friday, being so great, has now turned into Saturday. How does such a thing happen? After my lunch hour at work, I went to a work function that turned out to have free beer at it, and then that free beer turned into more free beer. I was smart and left the beer fest with my co-workers at quitting time, because getting slobbering drunk is not on my list of activities that I allow myself to combine with work. I then made the alcohol fuelled decision that I should keep doing what I was doing somewhere else, so I called up the Fiery One and had him join me with the billion other people who kept showing up at our local pub. This brings us to Saturday, which is today. It is 8:19 am, which then brings us to what I learned from all of this. Drinking should start at 1:30 pm on Fridays, because I got rather stinking rather early, stumbled home and fell asleep, and now I can get an early start to my Saturday anyway without all the staying at home and being a good girl crap. It's lovely.

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