Listen to My Interview At the Empower Yourself Summit

I was recently interviewed by Pamela McAlexander of Tri-Holistic Healthy Healing for the Empower Yourself Summit. She came to me through my TEDxRegina talk, "Self-Doubt and the Power of Personal Narrative", and so our conversation wound itself through self-doubt, blogging, how my life landed here after some pretty difficult experiences, and the importance of rolling up your sleeves and getting messy.

I love having these kinds of conversations, because I feel as though I find a new lens each time, view my experiences and what I've learned through different eyes, and it's so humbling to realize how very much I just don't know.

I generally don't listen to my own interviews, so I am putting this one up with great faith in Pamela Alexander, who, by the way, is a lovely conversationalist.


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