Em-i-lis Is All Brand Spanky New

I gave Em-i-lis.com a new home, organization, and look recently:

Prior to this weekend, Emily's Em-i-lis was a self-hosted WordPress blog. Since late Friday night:

  • Em-i-lis has been migrated from WordPress to Squarespace.
  • The individual recipes pages have been compiled into their own recipes blog together, which means that they are now categorized by kind and tagged with ingredients to make them more easily searchable.
  • There is more space in her content for her to showcase her life and food photography.
  • And the whole interplay between her different kinds of content behind the scenes has been built to afford her minimal manual updates of anything but her actual content.
  • The photo banner at the top of her site can be updated by Emily at her own discretion while still maintaining her new cut-out logo that overlays the image.

I'm thrilled to see another baby live in the wild. Drop in and help Emily warm Em-i-lis' new home! She's a lovely blogger to know.