Elan's Blogcast: My New Experiment With Making This Blog More Accessible Via Podcast

You can listen to the audio version of this post or you can continue reading below.

I had a request from a reader to provide audio for my blog posts, because she’s had vision issues recently that make reading text difficult. I’ve had a few requests like this over the years. Starting about a decade ago, I looked into making audio versions of posts, but it was more difficult to accomplish back then. Now there are so many ways to record, edit, save, and share audio online, so I figured it was time, plus, there’s no time like right now to play around with podcasting, which I’ve also been curious about for ages.

Enter Elan’s Blogcast. I decided to call the audio accompaniment to this blog Elan’s Blogcast, which you can find on this website here, and I’m fairly certain that this is one of the dorkiest things I’ve done, but I’m also having some fun with it, and what’s wrong with dorkiness, anyway?

I’m using the Voice Memos app in my iPhone to record the audio, which I then send to my laptop to convert to an mp3 file in Audacity, and then I upload it to my Blogcast blog, and then all this magic stuff happens where it’s found by Apple and Spotify and made available in podcatcher apps. I had to teach myself all of this two days ago, and I am inordinately chuffed that it all manages to knit itself together and be out in the world already.

So, from now on, this blog will have audio accompaniment over at Elan’s Blogcast, which you can subscribe to by RSS feed or on iTunes and Spotify. You can also subscribe using a podcatcher app like Overcast, Stitcher, or another one of your choice. Here’s how to use my favourite podcatcher, Overcast.

I tend to get talky, so there may be a little extra chatter on the podcast that isn’t on the blog, but for the most part it should be like my blog here only with me talking.