Elan's May 2019 Mixtape

May’s mixtape is 1 hour and 46 minutes long and has 29 hip-hop/rap, pop, world, alternative, electronic, singer/songwriter, contemporary folk, rock, country, and jazz songs from 7 different decades.


May 2019’s playlist on Spotify and Apple Music:

1. Not Waving, But Drowning — Loyle Carner (2019)  2. Planes & Cranes — Emma Lee Toyoda (2018)  3. The Weight of Things — The Gloaming (2019)  4. Coffee — Sylvan Esso (2014)  5. Teardrop — Massive Attack (1998)  6. No Halo — Kevin Morby (2019)  7. South — Damien Jurado (2019)  8. Loving, Loving (Acoustic Reprise) — Vera Sola (2019)  9. Jennifer’s Gone — Wand (2019)  10. Come On and Move Me — Monarchs (2009)  11. Uh Huh — Jade Bird (2018)  12. Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus) [Remix] — Lil Nas X (2019)  13. Open All Night — Bruce Springsteen (1982)  14. I’d Like to Live In California — Ewan Currie (2019)  15. Texarkana Baby — Eddy Arnold (1959)  16. Continental Breakfast — Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile (2017)  17. The Torch Committee — Josh Ritter (2019)  18. Another Girl, Another Planet — The Only Ones (1979)  19. Every Word Means No — Let’s Active (2009)  20. Kids — PUP (2019)  21. Last Chance County — Filthy Friends (2019)  22. Day Tripper — Pom Poko (2019)  23. Slipstream — Holiday Ghosts (2019)  24. Dancing with Myself — Generation X (1981)  25. Faithless — Operators (2019)  26. I Don’t Know Where It Comes From — Ride (1994)  27. Just My Luck — Ages and Ages (2019)  28. Nice Things — Tank and the Bangas (2019)  29. Your Feet’s Too Big — Fats Waller (1939)

Some notes:

  1. May’s mixtape starts out slower and folkier, but it picks up around track 10 with the Monarchs, hits a rock/alternative vibe at track 18 with The Only Ones, slides into poppier stuff, and then we land up with Fats Waller, who’s always a good choice. I paired like with like so you can click through to different parts of the mixtape depending on if you want mope around or dance it out.

  2. This particular playlist was heading well upwards of two hours, so I cut it back, but those extras are spilling over into June’s playlist, so all is not lost! You will hear the goodness.

  3. I’m not a big country listener, but Lil Nas X got me into some more of it than I usually do, and so I dug up Eddy Arnold’s “Texarkana Baby”, which was among the batch of the first ever seven-inch 45 rpm records issued by RCA in 1949. Listen to/watch its original green vinyl 45.

  4. I’ve been carrying Fats Waller’s “Your Feet’s Too Big” over from playlist to playlist for months, never finding the right place to drop it, so here it is closing out this month’s mixtape. I just love it. I sing it while I do housework, in the shower, and walking out in public when I forget people can see me. Maybe releasing it back out into the wild will cure me.

  5. Listen, dance, enjoy!