Elan's March 2019 Mixtape

March’s mixtape is 1 hour and 34 minutes long and has 23 pop, alternative, folk, singer/songwriter, contemporary folk, rock, and indie rock songs from 4 different decades.

a collage of album covers from Elan’s March 2019 Mixtape

March 2019’s playlist on Spotify and Apple Music:

1. Juice — Lizzo (2019)  2. Restless Year — Ezra Furman (2015)  3. Cotton Skies — Westkust (2019)  4. Can’t Stand Me Now — The Libertines (2004)  5. Pressure to Party — Julia Jacklin (2019)  6. Baby Luv — Nilüfer Yanya (2018)  7. All Blacked Out — girlpool (2019)  8. School of Design — Tiny Ruins (2018)  9. Lady of the Island — Crosby, Stills & Nash (1969)  10. Hurdy Gurdy Man — Donovan (1968)  11. Harlem River — Kevin Morby (2013)  12. Dead of Night — Orville Peck (2019)  13. I Knew I Could Fly (feat. Leyla McCalla & Allison Russell) — Our Native Daughters (2019)  14. The Barrel — Aldous Harding (2019)  15. Human — Molly Sarlé (2019)  16. Killer — Phoebe Bridgers (2017)  17. Forget Forgive — Someone (2017)  18. Pell — Yann Tiersen (2019)  19. The Flow — Daniel Norgren (2019)  20. The Dark Is Rising — Mercury Rev (2001)  21. Song to the Siren — This Mortal Coil (1984)  22. Shallow Tears — Light Asylum (2012)  23. bury a friend — Billie Eilish (2019)

Some notes:


  2. I have seasonal depression, and on top of that Saskatchewan has had the longest cold snap in 80 years, and on top of that, well, you’ve seen what the world is like right now, so I’ve been largely shut up in our house feeling dark and apocalyptic in front of a SAD therapy light throughout February. Welcome to my life, March.

  3. But I’m starting to feel much better, because there is light in the morning now, and there is light for part of the evening, and I’ve been remembering to take my large array of supplements that keep me humming along when I remember to take them.

  4. I meant to write about the music, but my attention is fractured. I’ve been working on a blog post in bits and pieces for a month now about garbage — actual garbage, people that we call garbage, feeling like garbage, what we declare garbage and why, etc. — but it’s not getting anywhere much. It’s garbage!

  5. Oh, no. This is all coming off as very negative. I’m not actually feeling negative. I’m listening to this great mixtape I made, for one. And Augie, the marmalade cat, stopped throwing up, which relieves me of a lot of worry and means neither of us have to go to the vet. I’m working on a nice poem about what the spirit forgets. I checked my laptop, and it remains virus-free, which is a relief after a mighty battle I had to wage to get it that way. The cold snap is leaving us. I get to eat bacon today. I found a moisturizer I like, finally. Also, I’m wearing mom jeans and shaking my butt to Lizzo.

  6. In case nobody’s told you this today: I love you.

  7. Nope, I’m not kidding ❤️