Elan's June 2018 Mixtape

Elan's June 2018 Mixtape

This month’s mixtape has 16 world, R&B, singer/songwriter, folk, pop, indie rock, alternative, gospel, and pop songs spanning 4 different decades. It took me hours to organize these songs into some kind of flow, because they are all over the damn place. It's a trip.

Some notes:

  1. Be up and dance-ready for the first song by Lakuta, because listening to it while sitting will put your neck out.
  2. John Prine has a new album that came out this year, and you need it in your life. He makes me feel like I'm coming back to the kind of home we all wish we had. He's therapy.
  3. The illuminati hotties album is great driving-down-a-summer-highway-with-the-windows-down music. Check out the song "Pressed 2 Death". You need this. Plan a road trip.
  4. Man. That person who's out with Jennifer is shit. Not cool.


June 2018's mixtape track listing
on Spotify and Apple Music:

1. Fear Go Running — Lakuta (2016)  2. Games People Play — The Spinners (1975)  3. Pain and Misery — The Teskey Brothers (2016)  4. Summer's End — John Prine (2018)  5. Everything Is Free — Gillian Welch (2001)  6. Pieces of Sky — Tomo Nakayama (2017)  7. South Atlantic Blues — Scott Fagan (1968)  8. The Way We Came Back — Girl Ray (2018)  9. Paying Off the Happiness — illuminati hotties (2018)  10. Crippling Self Doubt and a General Lack of Self Confidence — Courtney Barnett (2018)  11. The Opener — Camp Cope (2017)  12. Bully Boy — Eight Rounds Rapid (2017)  13. Make Me a Song — Eleanor Friedberger (2018)  14. Future Mixtape for the Art Kids (Quiet Slang) — Beach Slang (2017)  15. You & Jennifer — bülow (2018)  16. Where Did I Go — Erin McKeown (2016)

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