Elan's July 2018 Mixtape

This month’s mixtape is just over an 1 hour long and has 17 alternative, surf, traditional folk, alternative folk, indie rock, and dance songs from 4 different decades, because I believe that The Roches, Interpol, and Chaka Khan can all coexist on the same playlist.


Some notes:

  1. I don't know what's happening.
  2. I have a later song by The Roches on the playlist, but you should head back into their earliest archives — the first two albums, The Roches and Nurds —  when you can imagine them being bored sisters writing silly songs on long Saturday afternoons.
  3. Someone threw the planet into a blender.
  4. The opening screeches in The Raincoats' "Life On the Line" makes me very happy. It's perfect somehow without making logical sense to me.
  5. Some of us will be fine.
  6. Years ago I worked in a bookstore, and I swear that The Pixies came in and that Frank Black bought a Saskatchewan history book. The Pixies were playing in town that night (I went to see them), and the group of people who came into the bookstore looked suspiciously Pixies-like, but I was swooning a bit at the possibility, and I may have been a touch delusional. I like to think I sold Frank Black a local history book, because how likely is such convincing group Pixies drag, but I'll never be sure, because I came up with the idea of group Pixies drag.
  7. Long, clear inhales and slow, relaxed exhales are vitamins for anxious brain tissue. I love you.

July 2018's mixtape track listing on Spotify and Apple Music:

1. Chequeless Reckless — FONTAINES D.C. (2018)  2. Hungry Ghost — Hurray for the Riff Raff (2017)  3. Reviews — Tancred (2018)  4. We Get High — Ashe (2018)  5. No Shoes — The Roches (2007)  6. Oom Sha La La — Haley Heynderickx (2017)  7. Life On the Line — The Raincoats (1979)  8. Static Age — BOYTOY (2018)  9. Love You So Bad — Ezra Furman (2018)  10. Well — Eef Barzelay (2006)  11. Armchairs — Andrew Bird (2007)  12. Say Yes — Big Deal (2016)  13. Evil — Interpol (2004)  14. She Knows — The Goon Sax (2018)  15. Los Angeles — Frank Black (1993)  16. Date Night — Father John Misty (2018)  17. Like Sugar — Chaka Khan (2018)