Elan's January 2018 Mixtape

I tried to create some kind of flow with my favourite songs this month, but they're all over the place, so the mood starts with a groaning lead-in to party and dancing, and then a little anger and depression, and then thoughtfulness, and then a quiet walk in the woods happens, and then there's some gentle freedom-getting and hopefulness. Enjoy!

Inside this month's playlist:

1. Unbelievable (feat. Marvin Pontiac) — Marvin Pontiac  2. What You Think We Are — The Woggles  3. Beat Down — Mister Heavenly  4. 1234 — City Music  5. Alright — ShitKid  6. Feel the Same — Bully  7. Fly On Your Wall — Angel Olsen  8. Wild Fire — Laura Marling  9. Sleepwalker — Julie Byrne  10. Baby Where You Are — Ted Lucas (Apple Music) / Baby Where You Are — Sam Johnson (Spotify)  11. Crow — Mount Eerie  12. Get Free — Lana Del Rey