Elan's February 2019 Mixtape

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February’s mixtape is 1 hour and 34 minutes long and has 22 rock, indie rock, electronic, alternative, pop, r&b/soul, country, metal, hip-hop/rap, and psychedelic songs from 4 different decades.

Elan’s February 2019 Mixtape album covers

February 2019’s playlist on Spotify and Apple Music:

1. For All Those Who I Love — Belle Plaine (2019)  2. Fuck All the Perfect People (feat. The New Ukrainians) — Chip Taylor & The New Ukrainians (2012)  3. Can’t You See — FIDLAR (2019)  4. Daddy Issues — Pip Blom (2019)  5. Quicksilver Girl — Nellie McKay (2015)  6. Seventeen — Sharon Van Etten (2019)  7. Too Real — FONTAINES D.C. (2018)  8. Let’s Go Swimming at the Waste Treatment Plant — HotLips Messiah (2018)  9. DON’T HESITATE — RAT BOY (2019)  10. Oh Shit — The Pharcyde (1992)  11. Mama Oo Pow Pow — The Cramps (1990)  12. Dripping Sun — Kikagaku Moyo (2018)  13. De Lejos — Jackie Mendoza (2019)  14. What You’re Doing to Me — Duster (2019)  15. Set a Course — Telekinesis (2019)  16. Dry the Rain — The Beta Band (1998)  17. Takes One to Know One — Olden Yolk (2018)  18. Cosmic Dancer — T. Rex (1971)  19. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it — Lana Del Rey (2019)  20. Work It — Marie Davidson (2018)  21. Boys — Lizzo (2018)  22. American Boy (feat. Kanye West) — Estelle (2008)

Some notes:

  1. January was one hell of a decade. It was at once gone so fast I barely saw it, but I also feel like I lived inside of January for ten years, and now I’m an old person wondering where all this extra skin came from.

  2. There are a lot of explicit lyrics going on in these songs, and there are a few places that make me raise an eyebrow and wonder what is wrong with me for liking this damn music. I’m just going with it. I’ve made a habit of apologizing for the worst of it on other mixtapes, but nah screw it. We lived through January. We get a break.

  3. You should go dig out all of Belle Plaine’s latest album Malice, Mercy, Grief & Wrath, and not just because I made her website and we’re literally neighbours. She’s amazing, she has stories, and she can be your thing.

  4. Sharon Van Etten’s “Seventeen” is summery and anthemic. I am the kid in the flatbed truck with my arms up against the wind rushing through a humid prairie July night, defying death in the dark.

  5. I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but a lot of music this month is sounding like the 1990s to me. This year’s Rat Boy’s “Don’t Hesitate” doesn’t sound that out of step with The Pharcyde’s “Oh Shit” from 1992, and HotLips Messiah’s 2018 “Let’s Go Swimming at the Waste Treatment Plant” could really be from any time in the last 30 years. I guess what goes around comes around.

  6. I have been on a big T. Rex kick for days and days. I had no idea that I would like them so much. Maybe it’s a weird kind of nostalgia for a time I was never in but my aunts and uncles were. I imagine hanging out with them in their band t-shirts in some basement while someone picks out bits of it on their guitar. I can even make out the smell of cheap canned beer.

  7. “Work It” by Marie Davidson didn’t do much for me when I first heard it, but I kept it around, because something about it felt like there was a hook I was missing. It gets stickier as you go until finally you find yourself doing a quick pop with your shoulder and saying “I wanna smell you / Yeah, I wanna smell you” like you’re a bitch to contend with even though you’re just heading to the kitchen to get the coffee you forgot in the microwave.