Okay, so it's Sunday, and this evil cold is still putting the hurt on me, so it's links for you. Lots of them. Thinking too long about one topic and then creating whole paragraphs that cohere is just too much for me to do this afternoon. Enjoy the fruits of my surfing.

Tell the subservient chicken what to do.

Let a Hummer know what you think of it.

All about Einstein.

Give some thought to the trolley problem.

So, you've decided to be evil. Now it's time to hatch your evil plan.

INFlow's Screenplay Repository.

Tired of compulsory registration on the internet? BugMeNot is here to help.

Crank Dot Net will introduce you to the internet's best cranks.

How did I not know about Google bombing? I must have been hiding under a rock. The idea of google bombing for justice fascinates me, although whether bombing is an unethical activity is debatable.

Read Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman.

Paperdoll Heaven -- all the paperdolls of celebrities you might want.

Check out d'ART, a fine art database.

Lillian Bassman, a different sort of fashion photographer.

I know that Easter has passed, but I just have to share this site about Peeps research.

What time is it?

Listen to free old-time radio shows.

Human Rights Watch -- defending human rights worldwide.

Can a periodic table be über cool? If so, this one certainly is.

I have found yet another poetry site, Poetry Portal.

The recipes on Eat Japan have made me hungry. Of course, I don't think I've got anything decent around here, so it's popcorn for supper again.

This list of male privileges is so right most of the time. Sad, sad, sad.

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.

António Jorge Gonçalves makes drawings of people sitting in subway trains.

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