The 2006 Weblog AwardsSee that picture there announcing The 2006 Weblog Awards? I am now a finalist in the Best Canadian Weblog category. This, just when you thought you were free of my begging for votes, too. I almost feel apologetic about it, except that I don't, because holy crap, people, I'M A FINALIST IN THE 2006 WEBLOG AWARDS. There were 4,500 nominations spread over 45 categories, so I am deeply honoured that this site was chosen.

I found out about being a finalist when Saviabella telephoned me this morning:

Saviabella: Did you know that you are in the 2006 Weblog Awards?

Schmutzie: I knew about the nomination, but I didn't want to say anything while I was still gloating over finishing NaBloPoMo and placing in the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards.

Saviabella: What do you mean you didn't want to say anything? Don't you want people to vote for you?

Schmutzie: Well, it's just a nomination. It's not that big a deal.

Saviabella: Are you trying to be cute?

Schmutzie: Cute? What do you mean?

Saviabella: You must be playing cute.

Schmutzie: But I'm not! There's no voting with these awards until the finalists are chosen anyway.

Saviabella: But you are a finalist in the Best Canadian Blog category.

Schmutzie: What? Are you saying I'm a finalist? Holy crap!

I had to scroll down the page of finalists before I would believe it, and there was the name of this website sandwiched between some great Canadian blogs. My natural pessimism has me bearing a weight in my chest as though there is an axe that will fall right into the middle of my recent good cheer. My half-full cup runneth over, and it's nerve-wracking.

I understand that voting doesn't start until December 7th, so until then, go check out the other weblogs that were nominated for Best Canadian Blog.

Between December 7th and December 15th, if you would like to support this website and urge the voting public in my direction, feel free to post the following link in your blog entries or sidebar, and then e-mail me to let me know of your awesomeness:
<*a href="http://2006.weblogawards.org/2006/12/best_canadian_blog.php">Vote for Schmutzie's <*i>Milkmoney Or Not, Here I Come<*/i> as the 2006 Weblog Awards Best Canadian Blog<*/a>

Of course, remove the asterisks (*) so that the code will work.

The following websites were awesome and generously helped to promote this website to third place in the Best Blog category in the previously held 2006 Canadian Blog Awards: The Cheeseblog, Citizen of the Month, Fracas, Harper Valley, Lala Land, No Show Mo, Palinode's Palace, Saviabella, Sweetney, T.K.O., and Whaling Season.