Six more people have joined my collection of spectacles, which brings the collection to sixty-six. It's just evil all over with all these sixes. It's true, and the contributing evil-creators are the following lovely peoples:

May-B from Reality CheckMay-B from "Reality Check",
Jellis from All I Can SayJellis from "All I Can Say",
Kyran from Notes To SelfKyran from "Notes To Self",
Lizzie from I Hear A Beat...Lizzie from "I Hear A Beat...",
Ky from A Mandolyn And KyKy from "A Mandolyn And Ky",

and last but not least by a long shot,

Sarah from In The RoughSarah from "In The Rough".

I must make mention of the fact that, in the name of housekeeping and site upkeep and general aesthetics and fair play, I have had to limit the size of the images in the spectacles collection to 70 pixels high by 70 pixels wide. This means that I had to resize all sixty-six images that were sent in by you, the readers of this website, and it means that I had to trim a bit off a lot of the pictures. I had to trim a lot off some of the pictures. I really thought you should know in case one of the pictures is yours and you don't like that it's been cropped down to show only one of your eyes. I apologize if I chose the wrong eye to focus on or maybe should have chosen to include more of your nose or whatever. I did what I could while I was destroying all of your fine photos. If you would like me to put a new picture in for the old, just shoot one my way, but remember to PUT YOUR CHOSEN NAME AND WEBSITE ADDRESS IN THE E-MAIL, because I am easily confused these days, what with my new meds. They are the stupid-makers.

In spite of my butchering your images, we're still friends, right? Of course we are.

All you future bespectacled collectibles are now aware of the new 70X70 pixels rule for the images you send, so you are all set to enter the collection without fear of severe cropping (although, I can always resize and creatively crop a picture for you if you send me an image that you don't have the technology to fix up yourself). So please, feel free to submit your image and/or your website address to the spectacles collection.

It's a blogroll sort of thing. We'll all be famous.