Which of the following statements is true?

  • I am dying of bloviated fasciitus.
  • I've got the nasturtiums.
  • My pullulating ganglia are fructifying.
  • I've lost all sensation in my anterior berline.
  • I am reading my thesaurus and I've come down with the flu.

  • Oh, the flu, how I hates it. I hates it bitterly, although it does have one perk. I finally had an excuse to hook up the internet in the bedroom, and I am presently blogging in repose. In my mind's eye, this has the potential to be terribly sexy, but I am afraid that the flu has injected itself into the scenario, and sexy is far, far away. Sexy is on the moon. Sexy saw my hair and marched away in disgust.


    I am drinking plenty of fluids, and in between bouts with nausea, I am eating leftover pizza. I just ate a piece with some kind of ground meat and raw red onions on top. I am starting to think that the pizza is half the problem. At least. I have also ingested vitamins. Does anyone have some antacid?

    I haven't thrown up once, though. I have nearly thrown up, and I have tasted bile in the back of my throat, but I have not charfed. Of this, I am very proud. On a day when moving into a prone position means that my bed feels like a gyroscope, not ralphing = victory.


    Tossing your cookies will not be tolerated.

    Your upchuck, your problem.

    Milkmoney or Not, Here I Come: Where No One Ever Chunders

    Honk if you hate hurling.

    Well now, isn't this just a sweet little piece of the internet today.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go pass out in front of daytime television if I can manage to drag this fluey mammal body off the bed.

    UPDATE: I just got all teary watching a brainy little kid recite the Declaration of Independence on Oprah. I'm not even American. This fever is fucked up.

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