First off, I want to introduce you to Emily and her new dog, Brill (which is short for "brilliant", a name given to her by the woman whose life she saved after the flood following Hurricane Katrina):

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Emily sent me an e-mail this afternoon asking for my help, and after reading it and being so moved by what I know of her life and the passion she is devoting to this cause, I could not help but share this with you and support her good work. Here is the e-mail she sent to me (I inserted direct links where appropriate):

Hey, it's Emily (manchmal.diaryland.com). Can you help me here?

I've been reading your diary for a long time, love you, and am now desperately trying to get help from people with blogs that are better-exposed than mine. I was down in New Orleans doing animal rescue, and am now doing everything I can here to get good information to people who want to volunteer, and also raising money for those whom I worked so hard with down in New Orleans. The story of my trip is at:

(the entry before this has lots of info, too)

What I need help with is promoting fundraising efforts for the smaller grass-roots organizations that I was working with. The Humane Society seems to have enough exposure/money, but the smaller groups are suffering: people need basic things, like water and food for the dogs and cats. If you can think of any way to post the information I have listed on my web site, or (at the very best) link to it, I'd be forever indebted to you (along with everyone else "on the ground" down there who need our help from far way).

I appreciate anything you can do. Best to you,
For the animals,

For people who are working so hard for these animals like Emily and for the animals like Brill, think about places like Pasado's Safe Haven. Pasado's Safe Haven, the non-profit organization that Emily volunteers for and whose efforts she has been so moved by, is devoting so much time and energy to helping out the animal victims of Hurricane Katrina and their families at their Raceland, Louisiana location. Also, Emily "... will donate ... the $5 markup per item to the group you specify, if you email [her] at marcuse@ohio.edu and tell [her] where you want it to go." The t-shirts are for sale here, here, and here.

Emily said it best when she wrote this:

I never considered myself an insanely devoted animal person, though I have always loved dogs, but being there made me realize that animals are not only valuable in their own right, but also as companions to their owners: seeing owners grieve over lost or dead pets made me realize that when we help animals, we are also helping people. It is (pardon the corporate team-building talk) a win-win situation.