Drawing Up Plans Like War's Coming


I got up
tired as heavy mud
and knew nothing
dragging that coffee from the pot
like it could save me
spring me forward
in a grab-'em-by-the-balls leap
they make you think
you gotta take
to grab 'em by the balls

you don't

sometimes you can sleep in
be real quiet
nose around a late breakfast
of yesterday's soup and peanut butter toast
and get them from behind
where they aren't even looking
as they spring forward
to grab 'em

now I'm smiling over coffee
and drawing up plans
like war's coming
because you can't get
what you can't see
I draw it up in chicken scratch
like all good history's beginnings'
first grin

April is National Poetry Month, so I’m publishing poetry for NaPoWriMo throughout the month.