Despite My Adventuring, I Still Have My Kidneys

early morning Ritz-Carlton Buckhead in Atlanta

early morning Ritz-Carlton Buckhead in Atlanta

I am in Atlanta early for the Mom 2.0 Summit, and I've already been adventuring. My definition of adventuring, though, includes things like "hapless acts that amuse me", so adventures can happen in frequent clusters, travelling or not.

On my second flight yesterday, my seatmate was this lovely woman who, thirty seconds into meeting me, asked if I wanted her to give me a ride to the hotel since we were headed in similar directions. Had she known that she would have to 1) wait for me to go clear across the airport to International Baggage Claim only to be told that I had to go back to Domestic Baggage Claim, which was so far away I had to take a shuttle, and then 2) hassle the wrong airline about lost luggage, and then 3) hassle the right airline about lost luggage, and then realize my luggage was right behind me, and then 4) try take the wrong train until a helpful employee pointed me to another building altogether, and then 5) take another train before I finally met up with her at the car rental place, she might not have offered, but she remained gracious and should probably have a sheep pinned to her by the Wizard of Oz for her show of great imperturbation. 

I don't know why I picked a sheep as her Wizard of Oz award, but it felt suitable. A rock was my other choice, but it didn't seem fuzzy enough, and sheep are more reasonably able to be pinned to people than rocks. I also considered clams, but what kind of person would want a clam pinned to them? Bivalves are gross on land.

This whole time I was texting with Aidan, telling him about how I was accepting a ride from a stranger in another country for the purpose of adventuring.


I checked her blog, and she hadn't really written anything about stealing people's kidneys, so I got in a rental car with her, did a most terrible job of reading directions to Buckhead, and she didn't kick me out on the side of the I-85 when I after looking over the directions, I said, "None of the sentences on this sheet of paper make sense to me."

And that is how I arrived with not one but TWO kidneys still functioning inside my body at Mom 2.0 Summit. Although, to be honest, I am running on the assumption that I was born with two functioning kidneys, which might not be the case, since my maternal grandmother lived into her 80s before finding out that she had only one kidney that was the size of two kidneys but shaped like a horseshoe.

Let the conference begin!