I have now collected the 49th set of eyeglasses for my collection of spectacles with the help of Saskie from Fracas.

Here's what Fracas has to say for itself:

Let’s really shake things up. Let’s have available here for people, images that are actually free. Seriously. You don’t have to read the “terms of use”, you don’t have to use them for “personal use” only - we all know that limits you to using them as freakin’ desktop wallpaper. I won’t taunt you with “free” images and once you’re here, cause you to swear because once you’ve found something you like, you can’t use the damn thing for anything you really want to use it for. No. Images here really are free for you to use to create something wonderful.

Take them.

Free stuff is good stuff, don't you know.

Saskie from Fracas

So, go check out the latest contributor to my collection, and then come back here and submit your own set of spectacles, be they a corrective pair, sunglasses, or frames you wear for vanity's sake. 49 others have already seen the light, so why not you?

And then, you should go vote for me.

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