Three new people have submitted pictures involving their eyeglasses to my collection of spectacles. One of them, Lil' Bird, just sent me a picture sans link, so she's here looking really cute, but no, you can't go visit her, so you'll just have to dream:

Lil' Bird

The two other collectibles are Dan from Dan's House of Foo and Gina from Raising Frolic.

Dan from Dan's House Of Foo

Dan pimpled out this website to help put me in a solid second place as a finalist for the Best Canadian Blog in the 2006 Weblog Awards, so I knew that I liked him immediately. How could I not when he called me, and I quote, "frickin' hilarious"? Also, he takes aikido and could totally kick my ass if I wasn't nice to him. The potential for asskicking greases the path to an equanimous relationship.

Gina from Raising Frolic

Gina got me with this fantastic picture of her cat, Lutsen. That cat's looking stoically unimpressed with the whole glasses-and-a-camera scenario, or she's looking knowing and coy like she's the hot librarian who's going to dominate you later. I can't decide. What do you think? You can answer honestly. I don't think she knows aikido.

The feline in question, Lutsen, is displaying some attitude in her photograph. Is she:

Stoically unimpressed with the whole glasses/camera scenario and about to turn the corner to a whole new world of ribboning human flesh?

The hot librarian who's got meathooks for eyes that is going to dominate you later by the all but abandoned microfiche machines?

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My collection of spectacles is 53 members strong and growing, so after you've made the requisite visits to check out Dan and Gina, come back here and send me a picture of your glasses. It's the thing to do.