Daily Doodle No. 6: An Unexpectedly Expensive Trip to Saskatoon

All I wanted to do today was get on a bus and travel three hours north, but first the bank machine had to eat $2500 worth of cheques without recording the deposit, a salesclerk had to take 30 minutes and confer with two co-workers to sell me six pairs of socks, and someone had to steal the first bus ticket I purchased for $49 so that I could have the joy of buying a second one for another $49. Also, I ended up having to board the bus late because of all the ticket purchasing I was doing and landed next to an ageing raver who smelled like weed and feet.

I'm here in Saskatoon now, though, and all is well, because I'm eating oranges in bed and watching Netflix. I'm going to bookmark this part of my story and stay with it for a while. Maybe I'll even write in a page or two about sleeping in and winning at life by drafting effective ordinances against fun fur zebra pants on ageing ravers who smell like weed and feet.

The future's looking bright.