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23 December 2005

Right now, I am at Playa Hermosa, a beach just down from the famous Dominical. Costa Ricans flock to the beaches and camp overnight every year around this time, but so far, this small beach is fairly quiet. We are the only gringos here. It is in the mid 30s (oC).

I stayed out in the full sun a little too long, because I was collecting pebbles and shells to spell out "Schmutzie and the Fiery One". I had to leave out the "Fiery One" part, because the heat was getting to me, so I had him put his head in its place to complete the photograph. Now I feel a little woozy, but the the photographic super-cheez was worth it.

On the way to the beach that day, we stopped and took some photographs inside a church that had been built for the people in the area by a wealthy Costa Rican. I give you Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the scary, scary road that nearly killed us on the way to the church. That road doesn't look so terrifying from the photograph, but just behind me it looked as though there had been some recent heavy shelling. There hadn't been, because Costa Rica is a fairly peaceable country, but damn if you didn't come across potholes five feet wide, three feet across, and about eight inches deep. It was dodgy driving there, both figuratively and literally. (Click on the thumbnails for larger views).

jesus in a church mary in a church joseph and baby jesus in a church a road outside a church in Costa Rica

And then, after more hair-raising travel along mountain roads, we came to this, Playa Hermosa:

Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica

And sitting in the shade while drinking papaya juice and eating cheese sandwiches seemed like the best thing since the invention of the zipper.


I spent a goodly amount of time watching the Fiery One enter and exit the ocean, because every time he did it, it looked really good. He is the best ocean enterer and exiter I know.

he comes out of the ocean in Costa Rica

Although, my mother-in-law wasn't so bad at it herself.

mother-in-law leaving the ocean

Even the dead foliage was gorgeous. I thought that maybe it was the heat stroke that had me waxing rhapsodic about the beauty of the whole freaking place, but the proof is in the pictures.

dead foliage on Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa made me wish that I had an unending supply of film and weeks to grow leathery in the sun there. Anyone have a few tens of thousands of dollars to throw my way to fund my life of drinking papaya juice, chasing sand crabs, and taking photographs?