The One Where We Just Look at How Murderously Cute Augie the Cat Is

Augie’s cute, right?

a close-up black and white photo of a cat in the foreground with a person partially obscured behind him

He always looks like he’s playing flirty because his head is, for some mysterious reason, always tilted to his left. It’s an adorable crookedness.

He piles on the cute overload with this morning cuddling like he’s a person. It knocks me over.

a black and white photo of a cat a cat snuggling up to a person’s chest from under the covers

And then there’s this. He regularly demonstrates a decent innate sense of my jugular’s location. He likes to crawl under my sweater while I work and commit the cutest attempted murders I’ve ever witnessed at least three times a week.

a close-up photo of an orange cat paw sneaking up out of the collar of a person’s sweater and sticking a claw in their neck

In the (hopefully unlikely) event of my untimely death, check for tiny puncture wounds and an incidentally flirty-looking marmalade cat. Avoid wearing a sweater.

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