Before you do another thing, and if you are a Canadian, go here and vote YES, because there is no legal reason why same-sex marriage should not be allowable, and because law-making that affects all of society should not be swayed by a special-interest, religious subculture. (Thanks to Ladybug for bringing this to my attention).

For someone who has spent most of her life disliking photographs of humans, I sure take a lot of pictures of them. Even more strangely, the photos of mine that I like the best are generally of people.

The following photograph is of someone I shall call the V-Man. He is smoking. I can't tell how he feels about having my camera all up in his grill. He looks a tad nonplussed.

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This next photograph is of M. Despite what you think his appearance is telling you, he is not a skinhead. He is more a sharp, which stands for SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice. Mom's would love this guy.

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What is this expression on M's face? Again, I can't quite figure it out. I think he's pretending to listen to someone by leaning forward and raising his eyebrows, but really he is somewhere in the back of his mind mulling over some thought and recalling snippets of Dropkick Murphys tunes.

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And there you have it. People. People in photographs. If you find that you are feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, take a seat, breathe in deeply, and gently lie your head on your desk. The discombobulation should pass shortly.

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