First, I have to indulge in self congratulatory back patting and big grins, because I am the biggest nerd who ever did nerd. I dropped by The Weblog Review a couple of weeks ago to surf a few sites, and there happened to be an available spot for a review submission. So I did. I submitted to my need for validation and good-dog encouragement and asked for a review. I completely forgot that I had done that until an e-mail showed up in my inbox telling me that the review was finished.

THEY LIKED ME, and it feels just as good as I had hoped.

Here is a nice little toothpaste for dinner cartoon for you. (found via bhikku)

You will never get this 3 min. and 32 secs. of your life back if you watch this Miz Kitty video. I am baffled by the hair, the white face makeup, and those weird clip-on pantlegs. (I can't stop trolling through Google video)

Millie has a good list of things she wished she'd known.

The e-mail time capsule is way cool. I sent myself a list that I will receive one year from now.

Ronni Bennett makes some good points about creating readable websites. She originally called it "Blogging for Older Readers", but I think her list is applicable no matter whom your audience is, and I agree with her wholeheartedly. No matter how good your writing is, if I have to read light text on a dark background in a ridiculously small font size, I will click away and never come back.

To add to this topic, Andy Hagans' article, "High Accessibility Is Effective Search Engine Optimization", delivers a good explanation of the importance of accessiblity at A List Apart. If this isn't some kind of yawn-fest for you, check out the W3C web content accessibility guidelines and the Google webmaster guidlines for pointers about creating readily accessible websites.

Your Waitress has some fabulous photographs.

Read the full text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted and proclaimed on December 10, 1948 by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The Baby Review is full of snarky goodness. (via Sweetney)

As always, Girls Are Pretty, because it makes me snicker and feel a little evil for snickering.

Ignored, Welcomed, And Blocked: My Introduction To The World Of Online Forums