I'm in Canadian Business Magazine Talking About Navigating Work as a Nonbinary Person

I gave this interview months ago and nearly forgot that it had happened until people started texting me that Maclean’s was sharing the article on Facebook. Whee!


What it’s like to navigate the workplace as a non-binary person:

Last May, the Daily Beast ran a story that declared, “The Non-Binary Revolution Is Starting in Canada.” It went on to say that, “compared to the United States, Canada is light-years ahead on legal recognition for non-binary people, and for transgender people more broadly.” And it’s true—provinces and the federal government have taken many positive steps in a short period of time.…

But how much has actually changed for non-binary folks? To find out what it’s really like to navigate the workplace as a non-binary person, we went to the source. Here’s what five Canadians told us about the sneaky ways an office can still impose a binary system, whether they’re out at work and what to do if you misgender a colleague.