Can a Giant Wedding With Global Participants Heal Hearts? It Does In This House.

On June 26, Toronto was host to an LGBTQI wedding of 110 couples from around the world with officiants from 12 religious denominations as part of a celebration of WorldPride 2014. (FYI, the acronym breaks down as follows: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Intersex.)

As a queer kid growing up, I saw myself reflected almost nowhere, and the social and religious messages available culturally and through the media made me feel deep shame, fear, and a level of self-loathing that nearly ended my life. When I see Pride events now and witness the legitimization of the human love and connection I was at one time made to believe was not only not mine to have but was also a sad, sick, and possibly infectious side effect of my low condition, I am so wholly flooded with joy to see that cultural climate shifting. 

Being witness to this public celebration of humanity, a humanity that now includes me, heals my heart. The little kid me who still sometimes broadcasts her pain from all those years ago, the one who once believed that her true heart could never be known, stops hurting so much, stops hiding so much.

I think about other kids out there now, the ones who maybe don't live in accepting communities, the ones who might still be made to believe that they are sick, that they can never be loved, and I thrill at the idea that they might see this, even as a short blip on the news, and keep it as a seed of hope inside them. There will be a place for them, and their hearts can become known.

Congratulations to all the couples who were married in Toronto yesterday! This Saskatchewanian wishes you all the joy in the world, and may some of that joy be carried back to your home countries with you.