I have had to fully admit to myself over recent days that I have a serious internet addiction, and I have found that I am unabashed about it, I plan to continue this behaviour for a long time to come, and that this is by far my favourite of all my vices. Smoking accomplishes cancer and shortness of breath and beer accomplishes joyful intoxication, but that's about it. Internet usage allows me to burble on ad nauseum, put up my photographs, and practice my trial-and-error web designing. It's like the adult version of a Fisher Price Play and Learn toy.

So, where did I leave off when my internet access was so rudely interrupted one week ago today when I was half way through an entry? Oh, yes, I had a one last photograph to post from mine and the Fiery One's last trip to Cosmopolis. I call it The Sick Tree:

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Our friend, Carkus Masey, suggested to the Fiery One that we should decide not to get the internet working because it was too much fun watching us psychologically disintegrate. To him, I say You are a sick, sick man.

And now, because I have decided that this entry does not have to follow any linear path and also to celebrate the unpacking of the scanner, here is a painting that my friend, Frances, painted a few years ago. She still claims that she was trying to paint me, but it is actually the spitting image of a much more tragic her.

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In real life, she's actually pretty darn cute.

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