Our New-to-Us Black Polyconcept Handbag Phone

The building Aidan and I live in is over 101 years old. This means that our security door has some kind of antiquated system attached to it which requires an old-school landline telephone to answer and open the door. Until yesterday, we had an awful cordless phone that I picked up at some Radio Shack-type store for 17 bucks. It didn't work half the time, which made it a horrible doorbell, and it was ugly on top of that, just to test the limits of my tolerance. 

"I'm ugly, I'm mostly broken, and I am, maddeningly, too small to punch" is what its existence communicated. It was smug. I kept hoping it would die.

I finally fell down the Google rabbit hole of vintage touch tone phones when I figured out that I didn't have to live with a broken doorbell in the shape of thoughtless ugliness. You would think I could have figured this out before we'd lived here for three years, but I can be a little slow that way. After digging through many aesthetically great but largley non-functional beauties*, I eventually settled on the 1980s Polyconcept handbag phone from Etsy's Her Vintage Crush, because, well, look at it:

sculptura handbag telephone

It says "I am attractive, I work, and, even though I'm big enough, you'll never want to punch me."

We've owned this lovely Polyconcept for all of one day, but I have already developed a strong bond with it. It rings when it's called, it both answers the door and opens it, and the handset has a decent weight to it so your body knows something is happening (because I like tech, but I am not infatuated with it having to be tiny and weightless. Let my tech have some junk in its trunk, so to speak.).

The Polyconcept phone will have its very own cubby in which to look spiffy once I finally get inspired with an Allen wrench and build the two sets of boxed Kallax shelving units that have been holding up a corner of my workspace since the spring.

Now order me to build two shelving units so I have a place to put my phone.

Nah nah nah nah. You can't make me.

Yugoslavia had some beauties back in the day, but I doubt they'd work here in North America. Are touch tones universal?