The tip of my tongue has gone numb and has that slightly warm feeling that comes with numbing agents at the dentist's.

I fit into last year's capris. Sort of. Is the waistband supposed to hurt?

The marigold on my desk is dying. I know that marigolds are generally bedding plants, and that I am evil for having tried to twist its outdoorsy nature into a fluorescent-light-loving synthetic-world-dweller.

I am also just a touch evil for my love of hyphenating words together. I blame my German language heritage for its wild use of compound words.

Saviabella rocks the best today. Knowing of my sleep issues, she brought me a bottle of yeast-free Herbal Sleep-well. I found out that beer worked just fine last night, but I'll give this a shot to avoid AA.

I took the Alcoholics Anonymous test for alcoholism, and I am still on the safe side of the issue. How did you do on the test?

When the Fiery One asked this fabulous little girl who is a shoe-in for a tiny Sissy Spacek to draw him a vampire pirate eating bread, she instead drew this lovely sketch of a pair of pants full of pigeons on a hanger.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
She told me she loved me and that we should get married until she found out that the Fiery One and I were married. She was very gracious and drew me this picture of our wedding on the back of my journal (note the dagger at the lower left, the skull on the lower right, and the zombie head at the top):
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This lack of a proper entry is brought to you by the following:
1. There is a mild stress that is brought on by mine and the Fiery One's exceedingly slow and sporadic style of moving during this month when we have both apartments concurrently. So far, we have packed up approximately fifteen boxes of books and carried a couple of boxes of odds and ends over to the new place. We're on a roll.
2. Being angry = me no think so good.
3. Weeks of far less than healthy amounts of sleep have left my brain function at a sorely substandard level. You have no idea how much editting this post has already required just to correct my issue with metathesis.
4. Buying presents for people causes me to fly into a neurotic tizzy, and the Fiery One's birthday present thing has been weighing on me heavily.

The Fiery One tells me that metathesis (the transposing of two letters within a word) has changed some common words in our language over time. Here are some examples: bird used to be brid, horse used to be hros, and wasp used to be waps. Hrosses rely on brids to clean their teeth and fight off the wapses. Ervy wrod si ture. This new knowledge keeps making me giggle like fart jokes did in early elementary school.

All the best to you and yours,