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What my mother said to me last night:

When I had gallbladder surgery when you were a baby, I couldn't do any bending and lifting for a long time, so when I wanted you in your crib, I would drop the railing and push an apple box up to the side so that you could crawl in. Then I would raise the railing and move the apple box. Apple boxes were made out of wood back then, so it was sturdy enough for you to crawl up on.

APPLE BOXES WERE WOODEN BACK THEN?! What are you trying to do to me, woman? Pretty soon we're going to be telling the young-uns how hard we had it back when we had to entertain ourselves with lawn darts and we thought scratchy polyester clothing was a wonder of technology.

Oh, wait, that's already starting to happen. You got the ball rolling last night. Thanks, mom.

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