Baby's First Zentangle

You know what's not the best? Sunday anxiety. Sunday has been my one solid anxiety day since I was a little kid of about five years old. Back then it was the stress of tights and church and friends who couldn't come out to play and everything being too quiet. Now it's worrying over design problems rather than solving them and trying to write lines of poetry that go nowhere and my email making snags along the surface of my consciousness. It all wrecks the fine weave of my bliss.

(Don't let me mislead you, though. My bliss has never had a fine weave.)

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The anxiety doesn't always dig in for an all-day visit, but today it did, so I finally hauled out this Zentangle kit I bought three or four years ago. I've been meaning to start a meditation practice, a yoga practice, a stop panicking practice of any kind, really, for a long time, and I'm in the the mood to stop being ridiculous.

I am still colouring as a meditative practice of sorts, but there is only so much colouring I'm interested in doing, plus, with Zentangles I don't necessarily have to lug around an array of markers. I can work it out on the fly in a notebook, on a napkin, in the sand. Also, learning how to draw might be a good thing for me to do.

*cough* I work in design *cough*

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