Tony Pierce has an excellent list called "how to blog". I need to work on numbers four and twelve, number thirteen tells me that I'm playing it way too safe, I would change number sixteen's suggestion to StatCounter, I naturally stay away from the writing suggestions in numbers twenty-two and twenty-three, and I totally failed at number twenty-seven in my previous post. You should read it. Tony knows of what he speaks.

Ephemera is the photoblog for you, especially if you're into dogs. I'm not, and it's still a grand diversion.

Amy's Brain Today has an entry over at Feminist Reprise called "My Last Rant on Femininity (for now)". When she writes things like "...if you are a woman who participates in the rituals of femininity successfully, you obtain privilege" and "...hardly anyone is talking about the economic necessity for women to conform to femininity...", my brain goes OH HELL YEAH! It was like she was knocking on my head to remind me that femininity is a product that has been sold to me, which I know, but it is difficult to stay grounded when I am surrounded by messages dictating a false construct of what it is to be feminine in order to be sold cosmetics, pre-packaged foods, clothing, shoes, cars, surgery, medications, home appliances, furniture, dental care products, magazines and books, vacation packages, etc. There is always a lipsticked lady with whitened teeth and not a strand of body hair to be found to keep me apprised of the latest way to clean my home, hide my wrinkles, and deal with my dreadful vaginal itching. I'm keeping this link around to keep me critical.

THE FOLLOWING LINK IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. TAKE HEED IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE GRAPHIC PICTURES OF GENITALIA. I have just learned that labial stretching is an ancient art, although the site was pretty vague about its history and what any possible benefits it might have to offer a woman. Apparently, it is "...a stunning image that it [sic] will rattle your inner being..." Uhm, yes, I suppose it could.

On the completely non-labial other end of the spectrum, go and read Shalom Auslander's column, "First Person Ambivalent" over at nextbook. It is a continuing memoir of writing a memoir. Did anyone else ever have access to a three-panelled mirror when they were a kid and bend the two sides toward each other to create that repetition of your face reflected in a mirror reflecting your face in a mirror reflecting your face in a mirror ad infinitum?

Check out Keith Clark's photographs for the 0.5 mm Self-Image Series. "0.5MM or half of a millimeter is the average thickness of the skin of the human eyelid."

The eternal photomosaic is an interactive mosaic of photographs made of photographs made of photographs made of photographs. It never ends. You could just keep clicking all night.

There are something like 9800 free fonts at Creamundo.com. Yowzers.

And, because I don't already have a list as long as my arm of sites I try to keep up with, I have recently picked up:
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