So, what does a Schmutzie do of a weekend when Diaryland is inoperable and she has a cold that's keeping her somewhat grounded? She surfs. Lacking the energy required to clean her dishevelled apartment, she surfs. When she can't sleep past 6:00 am and the Fiery One doesn't get up until noon, she surfs. She surfs tirelessly and without direction. She surfs for you, so that you can enjoy the goodness that is many links, the fruits of her surfing. Enjoy.

I have started using Kinja for following all my favourite websites. It is the best. For real. You don't have to know anything about RSS or syndication standards, there's nothing to download to your own computer, and it updates in real time to let you know who has changed their site content. It's still in its beta version, but it is a fabulous service nonetheless, at least as far as my two days of use tell me.

Go check out my Kinja digest.

INTERACTIVE› Go ahead and click on the horses. (audio involved)

SILLINESS› Beware of bread.

ARACHNID ABUSE› High spiders build bad webs.

VIDEO› Watch excellent television documentaries.

COMICS› Good comics are hard to find. (found via Mirabilis)

COMICS› Burton, with Jefferson, reminisces: the comics win out.

BLOGGING› Apparently, you should use caution when mixing blogging and border-crossing between Canada and the United States.

MUSIC› You must, no, I mean it, YOU MUST LISTEN TO JILL BARBER. She makes me shiver. And while you're at it, look around New Music Canada for a while. And then, if you're still up for it, I found Jill Barber through Womenfolk, a song blog dedicated to women in music.

MUSIC› Still on the music vein, I'm not the biggest all-time fan of this, but if you are, here is what is purported to be the web's largest gothic/industrial music index.

ONLINE LIBRARY› The Internet Public Library - I just like the name, but it's still a good resource.

MUSIC› Old news but still tacky: the man who brought us the faux-lesbian Russian duo t.A.T.u now brings us n.A.T.o.

WORK› Want to quit being a wage slave?

BEING GOOD› A world-view with a conscience.

URBAN MYTHS› You just received yet another e-mail telling you about something that may or may not be true: check it out at purportal.com.

MUSIC› Listen to audio clips of digital interviews of American folk artists.

MUSIC› Tom Waits' favourite 20 albums of all time.

VIDEO› Many good films reside at the Internet Archive. "Duck and Cover" is one of my favourites, but then I am a fan of old propaganda films.

BEING GOOD› Have you ever shopped at the Gap, eaten at McDonald's, or bought GE lightbulbs? BadCorp.org tells us why we should feel bad about that.

POPULAR CULTURE› Do you ever wonder what happened to Blossom or Sigue Sigue Sputnik or Bo Jackson? WEHT.net has the answers.

CONSPIRACY› Government sex slaves!

INTERACTIVE› Make this guy do stuff.

MUSIC› Pre-war blues from Honey, Where You Been So Long? (found via Valeria Fate)

WEIRD› Someone loves drains very much.

PLAY› catch flies chopsticks. (audio)

READ› Neal Pollack's "The Maelstrom".