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The 50th contribution of a set of eyeglasses for my collection of spectacles has come in from Jennifer of Open Book.

Jennifer says this of her blogging experience:

I discovered the world of blogging in February of 2004 and have been addicted ever since. I've met the most amazing people through this little hobby of mine. The entire journey has proven more rewarding, more time consuming, more thought provoking, more immensely pleasurable than I ever dreamed it would.

And also this:

... this place [her website] means exactly a little bit of everything to me. It has become a found thread, woven tightly into the fabric of my life, capturing the texture of the tapestry of it all. A place I've become dependent on, for its reflective qualities, for its willingness to absorb the contents of my head and, therefore, set them free.

Jennifer from Open Book

You can't go wrong with the following game plan: go and take a look at Jennifer's website, because she's lovely, come back here to submit your own set of spectacles, and then go vote for me over at the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards. It's win-win-win.

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