I have another Vox standard invite to give away.

Okay, to be honest, I technically have two Vox invites to give away, but when I got ridiculously drunk last night and lost a lot of oxygen that was needed to keep my brain functioning in spite of the alcohol, I think I offered one to someone. I can't be sure now, though. That information was probably stored in the brain cells I starved and then pickled in several pints of Keith's. The ones I have left are dehydrated and sticky.

So, one of you fine folks from last night's stupidness may or may not have accepted a Vox invite from me. Abigail, was it you? If it was, I'm still holding it for you. Also, thanks so much for pulling me up and over the picnic table to save me from being pummelled by eight large, brawling men. Because of your thoughtfulness, my head is still intact and I have only one bruise purpling on my left arm to show for it.

Does anyone want the one Vox standard invite I have to give away at the moment? Anyone? The first one to ask for it gets it.