I am operating on little sleep, too much caffeine, and an allergy to flowers that were intended as a nice gesture but have me sneezing, sniffling, and itching, so I will write a list about my weekend. Ben@dryl has arrested me of the ability to concentrate beyond occasional and only tenuously related paragraphs.

A list relevant to my weekend out of town:

  • TB was incredibly sweet and kind and sent me a cd! I was silly happy when I found it in my mailbox minutes before leaving on my trip up to Cosmopolis, and I tortured the poor woman who gave me a ride for half the drive. I kept yelling out over the blaring music that so-and-so sent this to me! Wasn't that nice! Wasn't the cd good! Someone sent me something! My level of respect for the woman who weathered the three-hour drive with me has risen remarkably, simply because she just kept smiling and nodding at my exclamations.

  • On Friday night after arriving in Cosmopolis, I went out with Starcat and Batty, and did not have to pay for a single drink, because Batty thought he would cover my bar tab in lieu of paying me for all the resume and cover letter editing I have done for him over the last few years. This is remarkable, because I am rarely if ever remunerated for my services. It's a curse. Or I'm a sucker. I think some friend tried to tell me once that I was generous. I am a generous, cursed sucker who will work for pints. You wish you were me.
  • Frances has gotten herself knocked up, the little tart, and now she has gone the way of so many others who used to be good and decent people until they started procreating. We were sitting in my favourite Vietnamese restaurant, and I was in the middle of enjoying my spring rolls and truck stop coffee, when she suddenly up and says You and the Fiery One should have a baby. You would have such a smart kid. You know what? I think that is a horrible argument for procreating. I was born smart, and we all know how great my childhood, teens, and twenties were. Also, I think she's a little hormone-addled, because she obviously didn't take into consideration that the child would have to live with me.
  • This point has nothing to do with my weekend, but I thought I'd throw this in while I was writing this list anyway. I just went to the bathroom, and one of my male co-workers didn't flush, so I was faced with a bowl full of yellow pee. Ew. I don't mind this kind of thing so much at home, but this was anonymous pee, and anonymous pee is always much more ew-worthy than known pee. Get thee away, foreign urine! A pox on you who dares to darken my bowl!
  • This weekend, I learned that the scale at my mother-in-law's house is a filthy, mean-spirited liar that should have its springworks washed out with lye soap.

  • Ever since the Fiery One and I started dating in 2000, I have bought mediocre gifts. Books and clothing have been my default gift items for him, even though those are the same boring things that he buys more appropriate versions of for himself throughout the year. Christmas is the season that leaves me feeling like I am about as exciting as kleenex as far as spouses go. After this weekend, I no longer have to feel this way, because I stumbled across the perfect gift for him. He told me he wanted a book, because he knows that it's my lame default, so he's going to be extra happy to open up this present.
  • What? Did you think I was going to tell you what it was? That would be ridiculous!

    Links that don't suck bilge water:

    Laptops for every child could become a reality with this new version that is powered by handcrank and will sell for $100.

    Validate your RSS and Atom feeds with Feed Validator.

    Blogarithm is great, and I thought I should plug them a little, because I have never been treated so well by an online service. Reasons' why I like Blogarithm so much:

  • I began using them to keep track of the websites I visit that don't have RSS or Atom feeds, because Blogarithm doesn't rely on a site's feed to know when it has been updated.
  • I switched over to another service briefly, because Blogarithm didn't show me how many subscribers I had or offer any other information. They noticed when I changed the subscription form on my site, and immediately e-mailed me to find out why I changed services and what I was looking for in their type of service. We wrote back and forth. We discussed privacy issues. They added some good features. THEY COURTED ME. How awesome is that?
  • They are concerned about individual privacy, and so they do not release the e-mail addresses of subscribers even to the people whose sites they are subscribing to.
  • I get the geeky satisfaction of knowing how many people are subscribing to my site through them, and I can get an idea of what my readers are also reading through my site profile page.
  • They haven't complained about my homemade subscription form, which I like, because I insist that my site look the way I want it to, although their own forms are not too shabby and fit well into any template.
  • I receive a list of all my updated subscriptions in one e-mail every day, so I don't end up clicking through a cumbersome list of favourites like I used to in order to follow websites without feeds.
  • While I'm on the subject of good, free, online services, I should point out that I use FreeFind as a search engine for this site. I haven't been using it for very long, but so far, I like the service. It spiders my pages weekly for new content and tells me how often people do searches and what terms they are searching for. So far people's greatest interest has been my cat. I had no idea how popular my yowling, bitey kitty was.

    Ze's blog has gifted us with alien performance art. (it has audio and will make you laugh, so be careful where you watch it)

    "To the Pay Toilet" by Marge Piercy