The following ten videos comprise the documentary "Though I Am Gone".

The documentary was directed by an independent filmmaker, Hu Jie, and details one of the first deaths of China's Cultural Revolution, that of Bian Zhongyun, a teacher who was beaten to death by the Red Guards in Beijing in 1966. Teachers were targeted for being capitalist intellectuals, but the violent crimes went underreported due to their political sensitivity. 2006 marked the 40th anniversary of Bian Zhongyun's untimely death.

The film was slated to be shown at the Yunan Multi Culture Visual Festival, an annual event that was to begin today, but due to the documentary's content, the entire festival has been suspended. It is doubtful that it will ever be shown in China.

What I find most fascinating is her husband's initial reaction when he was told that she had been tortured and murdered. He took his camera with him and photographed her body at the scene. He is an historian and needed to record what had happened.

Blissing Out