And a Great Sadness Fell Upon the Land

I was cleaning my favourite glasses just now, a discontinued pair of Color In Optics Classic C920s in black, and this terribly distressing and distressingly terrible thing happened. THEY SNAPPED IN HALF:

My favourite small oval glasses, broken in half, sitting in pieces on my bullet journal on my desk.

They didn’t even make a sound when it happened. They just fell silently into two separate pieces like they were releasing a sad ghost.

I bought them in September 2015 despite being told they were no good for me. I have a round, chubby face, and I was always told that I couldn’t wear smaller, rounder glasses, so I never bought the kind I truly wanted until this pair. Most glasses like these don’t look that great on me, but the Classic C920s were perfection.

I wore them when I saw Death Cab for Cutie and Metric, when I travelled around Saskatchewan with Susan and Sarah, when I was in Mexico for a couple of hours with my parents, when I dressed like Relic (which is not uncommon), when I went sailing (or rather when other people sailed while I took selfies), and when I hung out with friends I rarely see. I LOVED THEM.

I tend to anthropomorphize everything. I once developed a bad relationship with some perfectly good pesto, refused to eat it because of our bad blood, and then let it get so old only the label could tell you what it was. These glasses were a good-blood-only great friend, a sadly discontinued and irreplaceable great friend.

I can’t accept that they’re garbage yet. I can still feel them on my nose. I kind of want to get them bronzed.