An Onion for Onion

Onion, our white and tabby cat, is famous among tens online. It's because he's amazing. I can't lie. People can feel it through the intertubes.

One such person is his self-appointed auntie Natasha, who saw a little kitty pod shaped like an onion and knew that Onion must have it. An onion for Onion, of course.

As soon as it came in the mail, I took it out of the box, and all the cats came running. Oskar and Onion took turns going in and out of it one after the other until Onion had had enough. He knew who it was really for. Also, Oskar is generally annoying to every other nearby mammal, and Onion has boundaries.

As for me, I really needed this today. I got slammed with a cold that's settled in a heavy pain in my head and back, and whenever I get a cold I am gripped by a deep depression and a belief that I am wholly and deservedly unloved. It would be so great if all I got was a cold when I get a cold, but, nope, my sanity has to run off with my health, too. So, when this package arrived from Natasha, I nearly cried on the mail carrier. I didn't, because my mail carrier doesn't need that kind of trash, but I nearly did.

When I was much younger, I had this idea that middle-aged had their shit together most of the time, but now that I'm older, I know better. We don't necessarily have our shit together most of the time, but we at least know how how to keep it from flying apart into other people's orbits with the slightest provocation. We get better at boundaries and knowing whose shit belongs to whom. My sniffly, cold-induced feelings of dejection and abandonment are mine, and my mail carrier's good day gets to stay that way.

I'll still share my sad baby feelings with people online, though, because the ether doesn't need no stinking boundaries. (I'm kidding. Boundaries are for everyone everywhere. I'm just trying to justify sharing my sad baby feelings.)

Big thanks to you, Natasha. We thought a lot of nice thoughts about you all day today. Onion thinks you're cool.