Going Full Cat Person: Aidan Tricked Me Into Portraits With the Cats

I normally hate having my photo taken, but Aidan said "grab one of the cats!" I did it without thinking. For some reason I thought he was zooming in on Onion, and then I figured out that he was secretly photographing me, and then I fell into a denial spiral that convinced me he was just testing out his new flashes or remote shutter or something. The following three cat portraits happened because I was trying to behave like a regular person by not diving behind the backdrop. I did a pretty good job mimicking the fictional regular person I concoct in my head on such anxious occasions.

At any rate, they're not the worst photos ever, and these help me live more fully to my true cat person potential. (No one needs that, but it's important to have goals.)

Onion (11.5 years):

all cats-1.jpg

Augie (9 months):

all cats-3.jpg

Oskar (12.5 years):

all cats-6.jpg

And Lula (9.5 years):

all cats-8.jpg

And them's the cats. They're a pretty cute pile of jerks, even if they did keep me up past 2:30am last night with their infernal racing around the house and stepping on all the dirty dishes like I can't hear them banging butter knives off the counter onto the hardwood.

Also, thanks Aidan. One day when I look like one of those shrivelled apple head dolls, I'll look back on these fondly.

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