As I wrote in an earlier entry, my thirties has brought on breakouts like I haven't seen since high school. I break out in localized patches for weeks on end, and just when an area is nearly healed, another problem patch pops up. It's really annoying, because I always looked forward to aging, believing that middle age would be my time to shine aesthetically. I thought that my skin would dry out a bit and finally be spot free.

Youth is such a hopeful and ignorant time.

I received some good advice about how to help keep my skin in decent condition following that entry, and I am glad to report that you people have done me some good. I have been drinking more water, washing with Cet@phyl, using a separate towel from the one I use for my body, washing my pillowcases more often, picking at them far less, and disinfecting my tweezers regularly.

The patch of pestilence that drove me to writing that earlier entry is nearly gone, and any new zits I have been getting are small and fast healing. Thanks, oh people of the internet!


Since I wrote about my being discussed on forums, I have moved on from my initial feelings about it. Through my referrer stats, I have found out about four or five different forums that have linked to me in their threads. I was not thrilled with that fact originally, and I am not thrilled with it now, but I care less.

Whether I am allowed to enter the forums or not to find out what is being said, the outcome is the same. Forums are usually smaller, closed communities, and so whatever opinions are flying around in one will most likely stay there. The fact is that in my sphere of internet interaction, I receive primarily positive comments and e-mails. I should not assume that the discussions on these forums are negative, especially when the one forum that did welcome me in as a member was friendly and intelligent. If there is any negative commentary going on, it is based on what scant information I have provided on this website, and so with little to go on, it has little to do with me.

Basically, I've gotten a grip.

I know that I entitled this entry "Three Updates", but I have to leave off with two and serve up the third mystery update tomorrow. I just realized that the Fiery One and I have to go to a gala arts awards thingy in fifteen minutes. I amaze myself with the ability to completely forget about engagements I've committed to until moments before I have to rush out the door. If I could parlay this into career, I'd be successful beyond all my dreams.

I must go prettify, or the arties won't have me.