Savia has a dog whom I have always perceived to be sweet and gentle. She's the sort of dog who launches herself at you from across the room only to hit you like a bread bag full of new kleenex. She cuddles and snuffles and generally makes a spectacle of her cuteness. Her old lady hair is especially endearing. She is a chinese crested, but the kind with more hair, so what she does have is fine, thin, slightly curly, and vaguely pinkish all over her wiggly little body. She and my grandmother could share hair tips.

I have yet again learned that I should not judge books by their respective covers, though, because damn, after Savia sent me a photo of her dog, my impression of the little woman (the dog, not Savia) has changed remarkably. I mean, look at that dog. She's shameless.

For the more sensitive of you out there, I have provided a star to cover up her immodest posture in the following loldog I created. (If you are unfamiliar with loldogs, lolcats, gebrils, and the like, check out I Can Haz Cheezburger for comparison.)


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