Muggezifter's weblog revolves entirely around the taking pictures of himself running away from his camera, and not surprisingly, it is called Running From Camera.

This already went around a while ago, but it continues to make me very happy:

Turning The Pages™ at the British Library online is an incredible interactive resource where you can leaf through old manuscripts and magnify their details.

Go watch comedic videos at A Liam Show.

Good poetry is "Pliny I & II" by Dan Chiasson over at the Boston Review.

Holt Uncensored's "Ten Mistakes Writers Don't See (But Can Easily Fix When They Do)" will make you a better writer. I know that I need to print it out and tape it to the wall next my computer, because, hello, I am habitually adverbial, listy, and comma-heavy. For shame.

Join Tino Buntic's 2000 Bloggers project. I did.

Drugs And Poisons is a weblog written by a university student who loves drugs a lot. Did you know that the saliva of the northern short-tailed shrew is venomous?

You need not suffer excessive use of exclamation points again if you use Zieak's handy script.

My boyfriend, Chris Hedges, wrote "The Radical Christian Right Is Built On Suburban Despair". This totally means he loves me:

Millions of Americans live trapped in soulless exurbs which lack any kind of community, leaving them feeling isolated and vulnerable. Without alternatives for their social despair, they flock to demagogues promising revenge and a mythical utopia.

Things My Boyfriend Says is comedy gold.

Watch "In My Language" and read the creator's weblog, Ballastexistenz.

Terri Timely: Video Band is a great way to kill an afternoon. I am particularly fond of the short film "Children Are A Gift".

Can't get enough of those cats who "ated ur burritoz" and are "buryin p00z"? Kattalogen will fulfill all your cat picture needs.