1. Things on my desk at work: an aluminum coffee cup, a blue plastic tumbler, a day planner, two used kleenexes, two starving african violets, a telephone, a stapler, a staple remover, transparent tape in one of those dispensers weighted with sand, a computer, four stamps, a box of paperclips, a calculator, files, correction fluid, three mixed CDs that I received from Amy, a printer, a roll of Necco candy wafers, a telephone book, a plastic spoon, a binder, pads of Post-its, eye drops, a broken necklace, a three-hole punch, a box of tea, box clips.

  2. Things on the desk at home: a laptop, a camera, a scanner, an ashtray, a pen, the whatchamacallit cord that hooks the camera up to the laptop, a penny, often one or two cats, a notebook.

  3. Things I am wearing: black shoes, black socks, brown cords, black underwear, a black knit v-neck sweater, a black bra, a wedding ring, a necklace with a porcelain pendant, five earrings, one nose pin, a belly button ring.

  4. Things in my bag: a package of cigarettes, compressed powder compact, Labello lipgloss, a magnetic name tag that once belonged to a friend who has since moved away, a tampon, a tube of ibuprofen, a set of keys, a tube of absolutely ancient lipstick, chapstick, a receipt, a wallet, two gloves, a poem printed on a piece of paper, Eighth Circle by Stanley Ellin, a moleskine notebook, a penny.

  5. Things that make up my lunch: soup (Thai sundried tomato curry chicken rice), a buttered cheese scone, buffalo and saskatoon berry jerky (made with actual buffalo).

  6. Things I wish I had never swallowed: gum, earthworms, head cheese, the hash cookie that I did not know was a hash cookie that nearly got me fired from a job, bugs, too much halvah, snot, pubic hair.

  7. Things I have a fondness for that are less than obvious: dryer lint, black indelible markers, jute twine, corks, the clack of tap shoes, old gum wrappers in the bottom of my bag, bits of food stuck in old books.

  8. A thing I wish was not stuck in my head: Elton John's "Sad Songs (Say So Much)".

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